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Tim Carrington (Author)
A Small Dog's Tale
The Yanbu Charter
Most authors have something they are thinking of writing next. I guess I have more time on my hands than most as I have countless ideas in my mind, and some of them I will happily share with you. Along the way I may even tell you of some of my disasters in the days of typewriters and Tipex as well as looking at some favourite books and authors who have influenced me through the years.

CLICK ON ANY OF THE PICTURE LINKS and have a browse. Feedback, even negative, is always welcome, for it proves that someone is reading my work. You might even find out a little about me on your travels.

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Tim Carrington
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'Mamau a Meibion'

a sort of sequel to 'Tadau a Meibion'.
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21st Dec. 2013
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